If an angle of a parallelogram is two-third of its adjacent angle, smallest angle of the parallelogram is.........?

Asked by  | 26th Nov, 2012, 09:36: PM

Expert Answer:

We know the adjacent angles of a parallelogram are supplementary.
Now one angle is 2/3 of the other. Let the smaller angle be x, which is 2/3 of the other. Let the other angle be y.

x = 2y/3
y = 3x/2

Now we now that x+y = 180, so:
x + 3x/2 = 180
5x/2 = 180
5x = 360
x = 72

Smallest angle is 72. (Bigger one is 108)

Answered by  | 27th Nov, 2012, 10:07: AM

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