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CBSE Class 12-science Answered

If a young man rides his motorcycle at 25 km/hour he has to spend Rs. 2 per km on petrol. If he rides it at a faster speed of 40 km/hour, the petrol cost increases to Rs. 5 per km. He has Rs. 100 to spend on petrol and wishes to find the maximum distance he can travel within one hour. Express this as LPP and solve it.
Asked by RyanRobert | 19 Mar, 2014, 06:37: PM
Expert Answer
Answered by | 19 Mar, 2014, 08:38: PM
CBSE 12-science - Maths
Asked by gargisha381 | 26 May, 2022, 12:24: PM
CBSE 12-science - Maths
Asked by Sunita | 27 Oct, 2020, 12:07: PM
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