If a shopkeeper has some non lablled drinks and three coustomer come are ask for a drink. the first customer want an acidic drink , then the second customer wants basic drink and the thrid wants neutral drink then what would the shopkeeper do?

Asked by vnykgupta | 24th May, 2015, 07:31: PM

Expert Answer:

The shopkeeper should test all the three drinks with a litmus paper.
  • The blue litmus paper will turn red in acidic drink.
  • The red litmus paper will turn blue in basic drink.
  • The red and blue litmus papers will have no effect on neutral drink.

So in this way the first customer will be served with an acidic drink, the second customer with a basic drink and finally the third customer with a neutral drink as per their choices.

Answered by Vaibhav Chavan | 24th May, 2015, 10:00: PM