If 500gram for the unit of mass 5 seconds the unit of time and acceleration due to gravity 980cm/s^2 with the unit of acceleration. Find the new unit of energy.

Asked by PANKAJ KUMAR PRASAD | 31st May, 2013, 10:56: AM

Expert Answer:

the unit of energy is: 1 Joule = kg m2/s2
its dimensional formula is: [ML2T-2]
thus, in new units, 1 unit of energy:
0.5 kg = 1 M
5 s      = 1 T
245 m = 1 L
thus the new unit will be:
1 joule = (1/0.5)*(1/245)2/(1/5)2   [ML2T-2]

Answered by  | 1st Jun, 2013, 12:18: AM

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