identify the plant bodies which are commonly named as cryptogamae. State and explain two characterisitics which are exhibited by each category of these plant bodies.

Asked by kumar.ashlesha | 25th Mar, 2015, 12:47: PM

Expert Answer:

Plant bodies which are commonly named as ‘Cryptogamae’ are

  1. Thallophyta
  2. Bryophyta
  3. Pteridophyta

Characteristics of these plant bodies are as follows:




  • Plants have an irregularly shaped, undifferentiated body called thallus.
  • Plant body is either in the form of an undifferentiated thallus or in the form of leafy erect structures.
  • Plant body is differentiated into stem, leaves and roots.
  • Vascular tissues are absent.
  • The plant body is green  and autotrophic.
  • Stem is generally underground.
  • Examples: Nostoc
  • Examples: Riccia
  • Examples: Nephrolepis

Answered by Sheetal Kolte | 25th Mar, 2015, 01:18: PM

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