I2 and Br2 are added to a solution containing Br- and I- ions.
What reaction will occur if, I2 + 2e-  2I-; E0 = +0.54 V and Br2 + 2e-  2Br-; E0 = +1.09 V?

Asked by Topperlearning User | 14th Jun, 2016, 11:01: AM

Expert Answer:

Since E0 of Br2 is higher than that of I2, therefore, Br2 has a higher tendency to accept electrons that I2. Conversely, I- ion has a higher tendency to lose electrons than Br- ions. Therefore, the following reaction will occur:

                             2I-           I2 + 2e-
                   Br2 +2e-           2Br-         
                   2I- + Br2           I2 +2Br-  
          In other words I- ion will be oxidized to I2 while Br2 will be reduced to Br- ion.

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