i) Write the correct order of the chemical reactivity of F, Cl, O and N on the basis of their oxidizing power.
ii) Explain the cause of diagonal relationship.

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Expert Answer:

i) The oxidizing character increases across a period i.e. on moving from left to right. So, among F, O and N, oxidizing power decreases in the order F > O > N. However, with in a group, oxidizing power decreases from top to bottom. Thus, F is a stronger oxidizing agent than Cl. So, the overall decreasing order of oxidizing power is: F > Cl > O > N.
ii) In the periodic table, along the period electro negativity increases and electropositivity increases along a group. As a result the two effects tend to cancel each other in moving diagonally from top left to bottom right. Therefore, the elements are diagonally related in this way tend to have similar properties.

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