i wanted to ask 
when we use difrentiation and integration while solving equation probelem in kinematics
i am getting confused
which to use 
diffrentiation or integration 
in problems in kinematics

Asked by sukalp | 10th Jun, 2016, 10:04: AM

Expert Answer:

  • There is no general form or a rigid set of rules under which the differentiation or integration can be applied in Physics.
  • Differentiation indicates rate of change of one physical quantity with respect to rate of change of another related physical quantity.
  • We know that velocity is the rate of change of displacement with respect to time.
  • In the above case we cannot integrate the quantities and define it, differentitation is the only mathematical attribute which we can use here
which is
 begin mathsize 12px style text velocity (V) =  end text fraction numerator d straight x over denominator d straight t end fraction
text where dx means change in displacement end text
and space dt space means space change space in space time end style
  • Integration is mathematical opposite to differentiation, it can be applied whenever the numerical situation demands summing up the effect of the
  • physical quantity.
  • The region of effect may have starting and ending limits at times, at such situation definite integral are applied within respective limits

Answered by Abhijeet Mishra | 27th Nov, 2017, 03:37: PM