I want to know that in the numericals of chapter upthurst.
In the formulae Upthrust=Volume*Density*Gravity
Why we dont put the value of g but let it be like that.
When we do this the answer is in kgf
Please tell me what is kgf

Asked by Am2pm | 31st Jan, 2017, 09:27: PM

Expert Answer:

1) Upthrust is a force and so the answer is presented with kgf instead of N in order to make it clear that it is a force. (kgf stands for kilo gram force)
2) 1 kgf is defined as the force on an object of mass 1 kg. This is derived as follows:
F = mg = 1 kg × 9.8 m/s2 = 9.8 N
Now, this force of 9.8 N is defined as 1 kgf.
So, if g is kept as is the factor of 9.8 will be covered in it and the force (upthrust) need not be divided back by 9.8 in order to get it in kgf.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 2nd Feb, 2017, 10:05: AM

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