I want to become scientist by physics? Which branch of physics is best?what about electromagnetism? plz tell me ...........

Asked by Kusum and Sanjeet | 13th Jul, 2015, 10:02: PM

Expert Answer:

It is such a pleasure to hear that you want to become a scientist in Physics.
Firstly, you need to concentrate on your 12th standard boards. Then, you need to enter B.Sc course in any reputed college.
By this time you will have a rough idea as to what branch of Physics interests you more. This is because no one can say which branch of Physics is the best as the branch which you are comfortable in should automatically become the best.
However, some highlighted field are as follows:
1) Laser physics
2) Electromagnetism
3) Field theory
4) Quantum mechanics
After completing your B.Sc you should focus on M.Sc or a dual degree of M.Sc and PhD.
After attaining your PhD you will become a scientist.
All the best in your endeavour. Hope you suceed in what you are aiming at.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 14th Jul, 2015, 10:05: AM