I want to ask about the 7th 8th and 9th sultan of slave dynasty and the information about the sultans and their ruling areas and information about their ruling areas

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7th ruler of the Slave dynasty was Ala-ud-din Masud who ruled from 1242-46 CE. He was the son of Rukn ud din Firoz and the nephew of Razia Sultan. He was a weak ruler. He was more of a puppet ruler in the hands of the nobles. Due to his ineficiency and incapability, he was removed from the throne.

8th ruler of the dynasty was Nasir-ud-din Mahmud. He ruled from 1246-66 CE. He was the youngest son of Illtutmish. He was a pious but a weak ruler. Balban, a leader of the group of powerful nobles managed the affairs of the state for 20 years on the behalf of Nasir ud din. Nasir ud din died in 1266.

Ghiyasuddin Balban was the ninth ruler of the dynasty. He was born in 1200 CE and died in 1287 CE. After the death of Nasir ud din, he formally ascended the throne of Delhi and ruled for twenty years from 1266-86 CE. He was an experienced and a capable ruler. He reorganised the army, stregthened infantry and cavalry and constructed forts at important locations.

These rulers ruled mainly the northern Indian territories extending up to Bengal in the east and River Narmada in Central India. However, the governors of many territories revolted against the sultans of the Slave dynasty, but their revolts were crushed.

Please visit the following link in order to take a look at the territories ruled by the rulers of the Slave Dynasty:


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