I want explaination about blood ,blood vessels and lymph

Asked by reddys.sanjana | 6th Jul, 2017, 03:05: PM

Expert Answer:

  • Blood is a never-stationary fluid and it is always in motion from the heart to the arteries and back through the veins.
  • It is made of plasma and blood corpuscles.
Blood Vessels:
  • The blood vessels are branched tubes extending from the heart to all parts of the body.
  • An artery is a vessel which carries blood away from the heart towards any organ.
  • A vein is a vessel which conveys blood away from an organ towards the heart.
  • A capillary is a very narrow tube about 8 µm in diameter.


  • Lymph is the tissue fluid which enters the lymphatic vessels.
  • Lymph vessels drain lymph into lymph nodes.
  • From lymph nodes, through lymph vessels again, lymph enters the vena cava just before its entry into the right auricle.
  • The main function of the lymph is to help in defense mechanism of the body.

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