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CBSE Class 9 Answered

<div>i want a debate in favour of the following topic:</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>performances by young children in reality and talent shows should be banned...</div> <div>&nbsp;</div>
Asked by tinu1972 | 31 Jul, 2016, 01:29: PM
Expert Answer

Kindly use the following points to frame your argument for the debate.

Performances by children in reality and talent shows should be banned.

  1. Long and unscheduled working hours -- Physical and mental exhaustion.
  2. The pressure of managing studies and work together --Loss of childhood and a private life.
  3. Unrealistic expectations from parents -- Distancing from parents pushing them to work harder.
  4. Loss of interest in the art due to the stress involved -- Insecurity and stress caused by harsh comments.
  5. Lack of maturity – unable to understand the nature of the work --desire for the fame to last forever.
  6. Recognition and praise everywhere they go – behaviour constantly moderated – innocence and spontaneity trampled. 
Answered by Valentina Trindade | 01 Aug, 2016, 10:42: AM
CBSE 9 - Comprehension and Composition
Asked by digantverma08 | 03 Nov, 2015, 06:27: PM
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