I read in a book, if we did not have blood pressure, atmospheric pressure would tear us apart. Is that right? If yes, why we are not torn apart into pieces when dead? What about non-living things, they don't have a blood or any kind of pressure from inside, do they?

Asked by indervansh.1963 | 16th Apr, 2019, 12:53: PM

Expert Answer:

You must know fluid always flow from higher pressure to lower pressure,  so if the blood pressure become higher than the atmospheric pressure it would be flow out from the body and if the pressure difference is very high it will torn apart every veins in the body. Like in space if we don't take any precautions then this kind of situation will happen. In space there is no atmospheric pressure. But when Huma  body dies its blood pressure becomes zero and  blood can not flow from low pressure to higher pressure without any effort,  so it remain there.
In non living things there is no such thing as blood pressure 

Answered by Ankit K | 16th Apr, 2019, 11:48: PM

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