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Summary/ Outline of the novel

Story set during World War II.

-Peter, Susan Edmund and Lucy Pevensie- Four siblings who are sent to live with Professor Kirke in the countryside.

-Children wander around in the house.

-Lucy discovers a wardrobe.

- Inside, she finds snowy forest.

-She meets Faun Tumnus who tells her she is in Narnia which is a world different from theirs.

-Faun Tumnus and Lucy sit down for tea where Tumnus tells her that the kingdom is terrorized by the evil White Witch.

- Faun is employed by the witch to find humans and capture them.

- Lucy pleads to Tumnus to let her go. So he sets her free.

-      On coming out, Lucy tell her siblings. They don’t believe her.

-      To Lucy it seemed like she was gone for hours, but the siblings tell her she was gone only for a few seconds.

-      The children inspect the back of the furniture and they find it is a simple piece of furniture.

-      One day, Edmund follows Lucy into Narnia and meets the White Witch.

-      The witch gives him Turkish Delight, a special sweet to eat.

-      She bribes him with the sweet in order to make him bring the rest of his siblings into Narnia.

-      Lucy meets Edmund in Narnia and asks him to corroborate her story to the rest of the Pevensie siblings.

-      Edmund rubbishes her claims in front of the siblings and they worry that Lucy has gone insane.

-      Professor Kirke tells them that she is indeed telling the truth.

-      One day, the Pevensie children hide in the wardrobe. They discover Narnia.

-      Lucy leads them to Tumnus’ house and realise he has been arrested for treason.

-      Lucy pleads to her siblings to help Tumnus and free him from the witch.

-      With the help of a friendly robin, the children meet Mr. Beaver who undertake a journey to see Aslan a lion.

-      He has the power to help the children.

-      All except Edmund are enamoured by the name of the lion.

-      They meet Aslan at the Stone Table meanwhile Edmund disappears.

-      He informs the White Witch about Aslan’s arrival.

-      The witch plots to kill the children.

-      She is afraid that an ancient prophesy will come true: Four humans were destined to overthrow her from the kingdom of Narnia.

-      The children and the beaver reach the Stone Table. They experience a seasonal change.

-      They first meet Santa Claus who tells him that the witch’s spell of “always winter and never Christmas” has come to an end.

-      The witch on the other hand treats Edmund with contempt. She is slowed down by the snow melting.

-      The children meet Aslan and are in awe of him.

-      Aslan swears to save Edmund.

-      Susan is attacked by a wold; Peter stabs it to death.

-      They follow another wolf thinking it will lead them to the Witch.

-      Aslan bargains with the Witch to spare Edmund’s life.

-      As per the Witch, Edmund is a traitor and his life belongs to her.

-      Aslan comes to a compromise with the witch and she lets Edmund go.

-      Over the days, Aslan grows weak and sad and one day he disappears.

-      He is eventually attacked by the Witch’s followers who kill him.

-      They come to know that Aslan had sacrificed his life in exchange for Edmund’s safety.

-      But Aslan rises from the dead,

-      He along with Susan and Lucy free the prisoners from the Witch’s castle.

-      A war breaks out between Peter’s troops and the Witch’s army.

-      Aslan intervenes and kills the witch.

-      Peter defeats the Witch’s army.

-      Edmund is knighted by Aslan since he had expressed his regret of sinning by siding the witch.

-      The children rule Narnia for many years but Aslan disappears.

-      They rule the land till they become adults.

-      One day, while hunting for a magical white stag they reach the border between Narnia and the real world.

-      They stumble outside the wardrobe and return to Professor Kirke’s house as children.

-      What seemed like years in Narnia were just few moments in the real world.

-      They tell the professor about their adventure who assures them that will go there again one day.

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