I know where there's a magic store,
With a hundred counters - maybe more.
You'd never believe what bargains there,
      For a song you can get a silver star.
You can wander down the aisles and buy,
A pine tree etched on a sunset sky.
A velvet night with a shining moon,
Or if you prefer it, a golden noon,
You can purchase a sky of azure blue,
With fleecy clouds all woven through,
Right and left, you are sure to pass,
Carpets made of flowers and grass.
Counters there are with 
treasures rare,
Solid things or fragile ware.
All for you is this rich display,
Constantly changed by night and day.
Choose for yourself whatever it be,
A daisy field or a wind-blown tree.
A quite pool or a singing stream,
A purple dusk or a rosy dream.
Come to the magic shop and buy!
All you need a seeing eye.
Life keeps this store for you and me,
And the best of it all-these things are free!
I want an explanation for this poem (summary)

Asked by dj.smartiedon | 9th Jul, 2015, 07:33: PM

Expert Answer:

In ‘the Magic Store’ the poet urges us to appreciate nature and explore its beauty. She says that the beauty of nature accents the loving quality of life. Everything in nature is in store for us like "the velvet night", "azure blue sky" and "the singing stream", etc. All these things add beauty to our life and give us an experience beyond material pleasures. All we need is a “seeing eye” that helps the inner senses have a rendezvous with nature. 

Answered by Valentina Trindade | 10th Jul, 2015, 12:52: PM