(i.).Is there any exception when the electrolytic equilibrium is not established?Explain with examples. (ii.).How is the equilibrium is also established between the un ionized molecule and the ions produced?

Asked by  | 17th Oct, 2013, 11:15: PM

Expert Answer:

Arrhenius proposed the theory of electrolytic dissociation. The conductivity of the electrolyte depends upon the concentration of the ions in the solution.

(i)Strong electrolytes like hydrochloric acid dissociates completely in aqueous solution.

         HCl ? H+ + Cl-

(ii)Weak electrolytes like acetic acid dissolve only partially in aqueous solution so equilibrium is established between the un-ionized acetic acid molecule and ionized ions.

           CH3COOH  H3O+ + CH3COO-           

Answered by Vaibhav Chavan | 21st Oct, 2013, 11:11: AM

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