i have some english q's :
1:loona bimberton was from enthusiastic upon hearing about mrs pacletides successfull tiger hunt with the luncheon and the brooch sent to her .Justify.
2:how did the tiger lillies and the weekend cottage indicate sakis humour and wit ?
3:it is said that  the jealous are trublesome to others ,but a tormant to themseleves .substaniate this statement with reference to mrs packletide  and loona bimeberton using examples drom the text .

Asked by Vishwa | 9th Aug, 2015, 10:31: AM

Expert Answer:

Some words from the first question are missing. However, we have tried to answer your question briefly based on our understanding.
1. Loona Bimberton declined the lunch party and refused to look at the illustrated weekly that pictured the fame Mrs. Packletide had achieved after her tiger hunt. Moreover, her letter of thanks on receiving the tiger-claw brooch was a model of repressed emotions. 
2. Louisa Mebbin had blackmailed Mrs. Packletide into procuring the weekend cottage. She asked her very subtly what would happen if Loona Bimberton came to know how the tiger actually died. The tiger lilies planted in the cottage are symbolic of how Miss Mebin exploited Mrs. Packeltide using her wit to get the cottage. 
3. People who harbour feelings of envy and jealousy are a nuisance to others. In addition, no matter what they achieve, they always lead a dissatisfied life. For instance, Both Mrs. Packeltide and Louisa Bimberton go to great lengths to outdo each other. In the process, they end up causing inconvenience to themselves and others. Mrs. Packeltide  spends a great deal of money to procure the tiger skin, while Louisa Bimberton risks her life by flying 11 miles with the Algerian aviator just to outstage her rival. 
Mrs. Packeltide 

Answered by Snehal Naik | 10th Aug, 2015, 12:47: PM

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