i derived the formula for the critical angle of a medium? Is it correct?

Asked by prakamya | 9th Jan, 2010, 02:30: PM

Expert Answer:

Answer is correct. But please check the derivation given below, since it's not n1/n2 but n2/n1.

ni = Refractive index of medium i with respect to air or vaccum = Speed of light in air/Speed in Medium i

n1sinθi = n2sinθr

For critical angle of medium, θr = 90

n1sinθi = n2

sinθi = n2/n1

If you have to find the critical angle for a medium say Diamond and into air.

n1 = 2.42

n2 = 1

sinθi = 1/2.42

θi = sin-1(1/2.42) = 24o




Answered by  | 9th Jan, 2010, 02:48: PM

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