i cant understand the point on the equatorial plane diagram?

Asked by manishasharma1912 | 28th Apr, 2014, 07:18: PM

Expert Answer:

Consider an electric dipole consisting of charge -q and + q seperated by a distance 2 a.
Here we are considering a point on the equatorial plane( ABCD) ie
An equatorial plane means a plane perpendicular to the line joining the two charges forming the dipole or the plane along the right bisector of the length of dipole.
Let 'p'  be the point on the equitorial plane ABCD at a distance r from the centre of the dipole . The electric field on the point p due to charge +q is acting radially outwards and the the electric field at the point p due to charge -q is acting radially inwards .Hence the resultant electric field due to dipole at the point p can be obtained by using the parallelogram law.

Answered by  | 6th May, 2014, 02:51: PM

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