i cant do any sums in applications of trignomentary

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Expert Answer:

first  draw a right angled triangle

  the side opposite to right angle (90 degrees) is called the hypotenuse

 the other  two sides  are called legs ..  the base side of the triangle . , the perpendicular side  to the base   are two legs.

 let us take the base side  { adjacent side} as  "  side  a" ,, the perpendicular to the base side { opposite side} take as  " b"  always. the hypotenuse  as  side "c"

 now  the angle formed between the side "a"  and the side ""c"" as then   ,

 Sine   =    b / c    {sin }

 cosine   =  a / c  [cos]

 tangent =  b / a [tan]

 the converse of   sine  is cosecant  [cosec]

                               cosine  is secant [ sec]

                              tangent  is  cotangent [ cot ]

using this basic  you can do the drawings correctly.

{{{{{{Always the  side  to  opposite to the angle is opposite side ,. the other side is the adjacent side , the side opposite to 90 degrees is hypotenuse  }}}}}  ---== this is important . NOW YOU CAN DO EASILY


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