I cannot approach the question written below

Asked by  | 16th May, 2008, 10:14: AM

Expert Answer:

Let the speed of motorboat in still water be x km/h

Let the speed of water be y km/h

Speed downstream is (x+y) km/h

Speed upstream is (x-y) km/h

Raft covers 11 km in 11/y hour as its speed is y km/h

After moving in the forward direction for 60 minutes, the boat turns back.

Distance covered by motorboat in forward direction in 60 mins or 1 h is (x+y)(1)

time the motoboat moves in the reverse direction is (11/y-1)

This distance will be (x-y)(11/y-1)

The difference between these distances is 11km.

Write the equation and then solve it.

Answered by  | 20th May, 2008, 02:53: PM

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