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Asked by Shreyas Pande | 19th Feb, 2014, 04:00: PM

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Dear Student,

angle between sides = 90 degrees (in a rectangle)

so, angle between diagnol and other side = 90 - 25 = 65 degrees

now, in the triangle formed by the diagnols and that side, with vertices:

1.Intersection point of diagnol

2.Vertex of rectangle

3.Other vertex of rectangle next to the first one,

we know that diagnols bisect each other. therefore the triangle is an isoceles triangle. this means that the angles opposite the sides are equal.

therefore both the angles of the diagnols with the sides is 65 degrees.

by angle sum property in the triangle,

65+65+ angle between diagnols = 180 degrees

130+ angle between diagnols=180

angle between diagnols=180-130= 50 degrees

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