I am not able to understand that why the color of sky is reddish at the time sunset and sunrise? please tell me precisely that that why blue color does not reach our eyes at the time of sunrise and sunset?

Asked by vikas jain | 10th Jan, 2012, 04:22: PM

Expert Answer:

At one end of the spectrum are the violets and blues, and at the other end are the oranges and reds.  All the other colors are somewhere in between.  A light wave with a shorter wavelength will produce violet or blue; one with a longer wavelength will produce orange or red.  The color of something is determined by the wavelength of light that we see.   
As the sun sets or sunrise , its light travels through the atmosphere at a much lower angle, so the sun shines through the lower atmosphere which contains dust, salt, smoke and pollution.   These particles scatter away some of the shorter wavelengths of light (the violets and blues), leaving only the longer wavelengths (the oranges and reds.)  That’s why many sunsets are orange. 

Answered by  | 11th Jan, 2012, 10:19: AM

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