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ICSE Class 9 Answered

<div>i am not able to score better in my exams ........................sooooooooooooooo &nbsp;plssssssssssssssss can u all give me tips to study &nbsp;for all subjects &nbsp;like eng,hindi,bio,phy,chem,maths,geog,hist,etc..........and also a rough time table that in a day &nbsp;how &nbsp;many hours shouls i study</div>
Asked by ananya452002paliwal | 23 Jul, 2016, 03:58: PM
Expert Answer
Depending on the time you have after school, you should devote at least 2 to 3 hours to studies everyday, and see to it that there is no distraction during during study time. See that when you have a holiday, you put in more number of hours. You could keep a break of 15 minutes after every hour you put in for your studies. Even if on some days you may get just an hour or so, see that entire hour is productive and utilised to its maximum extent.
If you have doubts in any subject or topic, get it cleared, it will help you understand your topic better. Do not keep things piled up for later.
If you feel you are weak in a specific subject, devote a little more time to that subject, get things sorted out by clearing your doubts related to that subject or topic. 
Answered by Rebecca Fernandes | 24 Jul, 2016, 11:34: AM
ICSE 9 - Maths
cube root of 135 space divided by square root of 32 space s i m p l i f y space t h i s space q u e s t i o n
Asked by ayushmani1871 | 07 Jun, 2019, 08:19: PM
ICSE 9 - Maths
Asked by sajal.dada09 | 19 May, 2019, 08:13: PM

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