i am not able to balance the equations also how to balance displacement and doubledisplacement react

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Dear student ,

It would not be possible here to provide a solution for balancing individual reactions,but a general framework has been provided below:

In order to balance an equation, we must know what the reactants and products are as well as the formulas of both.  The formula of reactant(s) are found on the left hand side of the equation and the formula of the product(s) are found on the right hand side of the equation.  The arrow is read as "yields" and the plus sign is read as "and".  When a plus sign appears on the left side, it implies "reacts with".

Ex.        A   +  B  -------->  C   +   D
             reactants                products

    Note that when balancing chemical reactions The Law of Conservation of Mass must be obeyed.  This law states that during a chemical reaction matter is neither created nor destroyed.  What this means is that there must be as many atoms of each type on the left-hand side as on the right-hand side when the equation is balanced.  The proper coefficients are placed in front of the formulas in order to balance the numbers of atoms on each side of the equation.  Students should follow the steps below in the order they are listed when balancing equations.

  • Step 1.  Balance all atoms other than oxygen and hydrogen
  • Step 2.  Balance all oxygen
  • Step 3.  Balance hydrogen

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