i am absolutely confused between dna ,chromosomes, genes n chrmatin network ....plz help me out

Asked by  | 10th May, 2008, 10:23: AM

Expert Answer:

DNA is a macromolecule. It is a nucleic acid, a long polymer of simple units called nucleotides, with a backbone made of sugars and phosphate groups joined by ester bonds.

Chromosome is a threadlike linear strand of DNA and associated proteins in the nucleus of eukaryotic cells that carries the genes and functions in the transmission of hereditary information.

Gene is a hereditary unit consisting of a sequence of DNA that occupies a specific location on a chromosome and determines a particular characteristic in an organism.

Chromatin is the organization and dense packaging of DNA in the nucleus of cells.

Answered by  | 12th May, 2008, 11:57: AM

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