How will the energy stored and the electric field inside the capacitor be affected when it is completely filled with dielectric of dielectric constant k

Asked by bijuaylara111 | 25th Jul, 2017, 07:10: PM

Expert Answer:

1) The electric field between two charged plates of a capacitor is given by the relation E = Q/Aε0.
2) With the introduction of a dielectric, the field now becomes E = Q/A(Kε0). Hence, the field decreases and becomes K times by the introduction of a dielectric.
3) The energy stored in a capacitor is U = Q2/2C. After the introduction of dielectric capacitance becomes C' = KC. So, the energy stored becomes U' = Q2/2C' = Q2/2KC. Therefore, the energy decreases and becomes 1/K times the original.

Answered by Romal Bhansali | 26th Jul, 2017, 11:52: AM