how to write paraphrase? please answer it 

Asked by aacswin | 1st Sep, 2015, 06:02: PM

Expert Answer:

Paraphrasing in grammar refers to re-writing a sentence using different words while retaining the original meaning of the sentence. One can be asked to paraphrase a prose or a poem.

1. Read and understand the prose/ poem: One cannot proceed without understanding the prose one has to paraphrase. So carefully read and understand the basic concepts of the prose or the poem.

2. Use synonyms of the words: Start by improving your vocabulary by reading and referring to the dictionary from time to time. Identify the nouns and verbs in the sentence and use their synonyms in their place.

“The young girl ran across the dales.”

Paraphrase: The lass sprinted across the valleys.

“The scoundrel thought for a minute.”

Paraphrase: The villain pondered for a moment.

3. Change the word order: One can also paraphrase the sentence by changing its word order.

“She lived among flowers, berries and mushrooms wild.”

Paraphrase: It was among flowers, berries and wild mushrooms that she lived.

4. Do not shorten the text: The text of the paraphrase should not be shorter than the original. Make sure that no idea of the original text is left untouched.

5. While paraphrasing poetry, make sure that the rhyme and rhythm of the poem is not followed in the paraphrase.

 “And then my heart with pleasure fills

And dances with the daffodils”

6. Paraphrase: My heart fills with pleasure and dances with the daffodils.

7. The flowery and ornamental language of the poem need not be followed in the paraphrase. Make sure that you use simple language.

 “You may write me down in history

With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I’ll rise.”

 Paraphrase: Even if you may lie about me and abuse me, I will rise.

 8. If Metaphors are use, convert them into similes.

“With varying vanities, from every part, they shift the moving toyshop of their heart”

Paraphrase: With different types of vanities, they shift their hearts which are like toyshops.

 9. Rhetorical questions in the poem have to be converted into simple assertive sentences.

 “Are they any better than enemies?”

 Paraphrase: They are no better than enemies.

10. Exclamations in the poems should be converted into simple assertive sentences.

 “Oh! what a beautiful sight it is!”

 Paraphrase: It is indeed a beautiful sight.

Answered by Sandhya Raghavan | 2nd Sep, 2015, 02:27: PM

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