how to write iupac name of K4[Mn(CN)6]

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Expert Answer:

  • K4 [ Mn(CN)6 ] is a coordination compound.
  • The potassium ion is the cation and the complex ion is the anion.
  • As there are 4 K+ binding with a complex ion, the charge on the complex ion must be - 4.
  • As each ligand carries –1 charge, the oxidation number of Mn must be +2.
  • What is written in the [ ]  is known as the coordination [ Mn (CN)6 ]
  • The coordination complexes are made of a central metal ,[Mn] +(Ligands)] ;(CN) in this case.
  • Ligands are simple atoms or groups of atoms that donate electrons.
  • What is written outside[ ] , in this case K4, is the primary valency / ionisable valency of the metal atom[within the complex].
  • Central metal is Mn here. Let the  oxidation state of Mn ,the central metal be  x 

K4 [ Mn(CN)6 ]

(+4)  + x   (-6)  = 0  

  • Thus x , the Oxidation state of the central metal atom Mn  is II which written at the end of the name.
  • The name of central metal should end with “ate”. Here “manganate (II)”
  • The ligands should be given prefix as hexa as there are 6 ligands.
  • Hence the IUPAC name is potassium hexacyanomanganate(II)

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