how to verify ohm's law ?

Asked by chandrika bhosge | 27th Jun, 2013, 03:35: PM

Expert Answer:

To verify this law you can set up a circuit with resistors of fixed values, a variable voltage source, a voltmeter and an ammeter as shown below in the figure

Take one resistor, connect a voltmeter parallel to it and an ammeter in series to the resistor and the voltage source. Change the voltage; take the reading from the voltmeter and the corresponding current reading from the ammeter. Plot a graph with voltages along X axis and current along Y axis. You should get a straight line of the form y = mx

Repeat the same taking different values of resistors. ‘m’ will be different for different resistances. The Ohm’s will be verified if for each values of resistances, the V-I graph is of the form y = mx. That is a straight line passing through the origin, making an angle with the axes.

Answered by  | 27th Jun, 2013, 06:01: PM

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