how to score good marks in exam

Asked by mahendra_soniya | 22nd Oct, 2015, 09:09: PM

Expert Answer:

We all wish to secure good grades in our exams. However, often, something or the other goes awry and we end up getting less marks than what we had expected. The following points will help you to prepare yourself better for your exams.
  • Maintain a speed that will allow you to finish your homework and studies on time. This will help you be accustomed to finishing your exam paper on time without fretting about the time limit.
  • Learn some tricks to remember formulae and definitions. Making concise notes will help you achieve this. 
  • Study to understand. Exams are meant to test your knowledge, so mugging up all the answers will not help. Don't just learn by rote. Understand what you are reading,
  • Keep in mind the marking scheme during the exams. Give more time to chapters that have been assigned more marks. However, this does not mean that you pay lee attention to the other chapters. 
  • Concentration is crucial in assimilating information and then reproducing it in the examinations. If you haven't concentrated while studying, it is possible that you might not remember during your exams. Therefore, stay away from everything that distracts you while studying.
I hope this helps.
Happy StudyingSmile!

Answered by Snehal Naik | 23rd Oct, 2015, 04:28: PM