how to prove that a given number is irrational??

Asked by vrushali shirbhate | 16th Sep, 2012, 07:37: PM

Expert Answer:

Answer : Any number N is said to be irrational if it cannot be wriiten in the form of p/q , where q is not equal to 0 .
for example number 2 can be written in the form 2/1 and number 2.5 can be wriiten in the form of 5/2 , these both numbers matches the condition of representing in the form of p/q, therefore they are not irrational , but rational.
Number squareroot(2) is a irrational as it is equal to 1.4142135623730950488016887242097 which cannot be defined in p/q form .

Answered by  | 16th Sep, 2012, 08:13: PM

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