How to learn , understand  Chemical reactions in Chemistry.Is there any particular way?

Asked by rashikulkarni28 | 5th Jun, 2022, 07:59: PM

Expert Answer:

Dear Student,
There is not a fixed way to learn and understand chemical reactions in chemistry. But, If you apply these steps you can learn and understand in a better and more effective way-
(1) Try to Understand the process-
       For Example- When acid reacts with metal then it releases hydrogen gas.
      So, You have to remember this statement. After this statement, you can write any reaction between metal and acid.
       Zn space plus space 2 HCl space rightwards arrow ZnCl subscript 2 space plus straight H subscript 2
(2) You should know how to balance a chemical equation, you should not remember stoichiometric coefficients. 
(3) You should know the symbols of elements because this will help you to write chemical equations.
After following these tips, you can learn chemical reactions in an easy way.
I hope it will help you.

Answered by Ravi | 6th Jun, 2022, 08:22: PM

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