how to finish the whole mathamatics book in 2months containing 20 chapters 

Asked by Shraddha | 13th Aug, 2016, 12:27: PM

Expert Answer:

First note down all the chapters that have more weightage in Algebra and Geometry respectively.
Then according to the weightage of the chapters, first start with an Algebra chapter, you can revise your concepts on that chapter, practise problems of that type, for two days.
After two days change to geometry. Do the same on the basis of weightage.
Try to complete practise different types of problems related to a concept.
Keep up to your target for the day. If a chapter requires more time incase it is lengthy or tedious compared to other chapters, you can give it a day or two extra. If you have a doubt or you get stuck somewhere get your doubt cleared as soon as possible rather than piling it up or ignoring it. It will help you grasp concepts in a better way.
This should work as a good well planned schedule. Good luck!!

Answered by Rebecca Fernandes | 13th Aug, 2016, 02:55: PM