How to find wich oxide is nuteral? Can you give an exact position or group in periodic table wich forms the nuteral oxides?
"In general, the electropositive character of the oxide's central atom will determine whether the oxide will be acidic or basicIt is found that more electropositive the central atom the more basic the oxide and more electronegative the central atom, the more acidic the oxide. Electropositive character increases from right to left across the periodic table and increases down the column."
Is this above view is correct then
From my guess the most probably from your answer above the d – block elemens oxide should show the nuteral. But oxides of p-block are showing neutral behaviour, Why?

Asked by Vineeth K | 4th Dec, 2014, 01:16: PM

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Neutral oxides are non-metal oxides. All neutral oxides are monoxides (e.g. Carbon monoxide).

Neutral Oxides are those oxides which on contact with water produce neither acid nor base. Their aqueous solution has no action on blue or red litmus. Examples are nitric oxide (NO) and nitrous oxide (N2O).

So if you know the element forming oxide is non-metal and it is forming monoxide then definitely it will be neutral oxide.


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Answered by Arvind Diwale | 4th Dec, 2014, 04:53: PM

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