how to find the route of 5

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Expert Answer:

One can find the square root of 5 using the long division method of finding square root, wherein you can follow the following steps - 
  1. Starting on the left, bring down the most significant (leftmost) pair of digits not yet used (if all the digits have been used, write "00") and write them to the right of the remainder from the previous step (on the first step, there will be no remainder). In other words, multiply the remainder by 100 and add the two digits. This will be the current value c.
  2. Find py and x, as follows:
    • Let p be the part of the root found so far, ignoring any decimal point. (For the first step, p = 0).
    • Determine the greatest digit x such that . We will use a new variable y = x(20p + x).
      • Note: 20p + x is simply twice p, with the digit x appended to the right).
      • Note: You can find x by guessing what c/(20·p) is and doing a trial calculation of y, then adjusting x upward or downward as necessary.
    • Place the digit  as the next digit of the root, i.e., above the two digits of the square you just brought down. Thus the next p will be the old p times 10 plus x.
  3. Subtract y from c to form a new remainder.
  4. If the remainder is zero and there are no more digits to bring down, then the algorithm has terminated. Otherwise go back to step 1 for another iteration.

Using this you should find square root of 5 equal to 2.2360

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