how to find rbc in blood sample for practical

Asked by vsrushil | 21st Jun, 2018, 05:22: AM

Expert Answer:

Red blood cell count is performed to determine the number of circulating red blood cells per cubic millimeter (mm3), or per microliter (µL), of blood. Red blood cells carry oxygen to all tissues; thus a drastic reduction in the red cell count will cause an immediate reduction in available oxygen.
A hemocytometer is used to count the RBC or WBC in a blood sample. The blood specimen is diluted (usually 200 times) with red cell diluting fluid which does not remove the white blood cells but allows the red cells to be counted under magnification in a known volume of fluid. Finally, the number of cells in undiluted blood is calculated and 
reported as the number of red cells per μl of whole blood.

Answered by Sivanand Patnaik | 22nd Jun, 2018, 03:36: PM