how to draw atomic structure for element??? 

Asked by archana | 11th Mar, 2017, 01:25: PM

Expert Answer:

To draw an atomic structure of an element, following points can be considered:
1. Find out the position of the element in the periodic table.
2. Based on the atomic number, the number proton and hence number of electrons can be found out.
3. Draw your electron rings. The cntral circle with the element symbol such as 'C' is a representative nucleus, so now you'll need to indicate the electron orbitals.
4. The number of rings you need is to tied to the number of electrons you have.
Example: Carbon has 6 electrons. Each ring has a maximum number of electrons. The first ring can have a maximum of 2 electrons, the second ring a maximum of 8, the third ring a maximum of 18, etc. Carbon has 6 electrons, so you'll need to draw two concentric rings.

Step 4

Draw your electrons. You can do this a couple different ways. Some people just draw circles on the rings and fill them in. In this case, you would draw 2 on the first ring and 4 on the second ring. You can also indicate electrons by drawing X's. The best way to draw electrons is to draw them as circles with minus signs inside. This indicates not only that they are electrons, but helps remind the viewer that electrons contain a negative charge.

Step 5

Draw your protons and neutrons. Erase the "C" in the center circle, and draw in your protons. Since protons are the same as the amount of electrons, you just draw 6 protons. To indicate they are protons, draw them as circles with plus signs contained inside. Neutrons are simply equal to the atomic mass minus the number of protons. Again, you'll need to do some quick math. The atomic mass of carbon is 12, and you have 6 protons. That means you need to draw 6 neutrons in your nucleus. Do not give them an indication of charge, as neutrons are of neutral charge.

Step 6

Label your diagram if you want. It should be clear from your drawing which element is being indicated, but it can never hurt to clarify.

Answered by Prachi Sawant | 11th Mar, 2017, 10:53: PM

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