how to convert (i)ethane to bromoethene(ii)bromomethane to propanone(iii)ethanol to but-1-yne?

Asked by khyati11 | 8th Feb, 2010, 10:09: PM

Expert Answer:

Ethane to bromoethene:

                     770K                          Br2/CCl4                                         alc KOH

CH3CH3   CH2=CH2                 CH2Br-CH2Br             CH2=CHBr

Bromomethane to propanone

                                  Na/Dryether                        870K                             H2O/H2SO4                                     K2Cr2O7

CH3Br  +C2H5Br        CH3CH2CH3CH3CH=CH2            CH3CH(OH)CH3CH3COCH3


Answered by  | 11th Feb, 2010, 11:05: AM

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