how to calculate the degree of disociation?

Asked by Mayuri dave | 12th Jul, 2013, 08:28: AM

Expert Answer:

Step 1. The species present before dissociation are identified as Brönsted-Lowryacids / bases.

Step 2. Balanced equations for all possible reactions i.e., with a species acting both as acid as well as base are written.

Step 3.The reaction with the higher Ka is identified as the primary reaction whilst the other is a subsidiary reaction.

Step 4.Enlist in a tabular form the following values for each of the species in the primary reaction

  • (a) Initial concentration, c.
  • (b) Change in concentration on proceeding to equilibrium in terms of ?, degree of dissociation.
  • (c) Equilibrium concentration.
Step 5.Substitute equilibrium concentrations into equilibrium constant equation for principal reaction and solve for ?.

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