How to balance a disproportionate reactions in which single compound is oxidizing as well as reducin

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Expert Answer:

In a disproportionation reaction an element in one oxidation state is simultaneously oxidised and reduced. One of
the reacting substances in a disproportionation reaction always contains an element that can exist in at least three
oxidation states. The element in the form of reacting substance is in the intermediate oxidation state; and both higher and lower oxidation states of that element are formed in the reaction.


2 H2O2 2 H2O + O2

Here, in H2O2, O is in -1 oxidation state , in H2O O is in -2 oxidation state and in O2 O is in 0 oxidation state.

So, oxidation half reaction will be

H2O2  O2

Reduction half reaction will be

H2O2  H2O

Balance now either by  half reaction method or oxidation number method.




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