how the pollution caused by fossil fuel can be prevented ?

Asked by Muhammed Musthafa | 2nd Oct, 2013, 06:27: PM

Expert Answer:

Fossil fuels (natural gas, oil, coal, peat) are hydrocarbon fuels formed from ancient plant and animal materials. Pollutants (carbon dioxide, methane, particulates, nitrogen oxides, aromatic hydrocarbons, sulfur dioxides etc.) are released when the fuels are burned as a source of energy. These releases are implicated as the source of a number of environmental problems.
The pollution and its subsequent impact can be reduced or eliminated by:

Reducing the amount of fuel used
  • More efficient engines and combustion systems
  • Less intensive processing
  • Heat and energy recovery and re-use
  • Alternate delivery systems (mass transit raher than private vehicles)
  • Improved energy conservation (insulation)

Reducing the amount of emissions produced
  • Using cleaner fuels
  • Stack top treatment systems (scrubbers and absorbers)
  • Process control changes

Using alternate energy sources
  • Generating energy from renewable resources
  • Using solar, gethermal, hydroelectric, tidal and wind power
The pollution caused by the fossil fuels can be reduced by the following ways:
  1. Efficient internal combustion engines: we know incomplete combustion of fuels releases harmful gases. so, vehicles are fitted with efficient internal combustion engines for complete combustion of fuels.
  2. Install catalytic converters: the vehicles are fitted with catalytic converters which convert harmful gases coming out of the vehicles into harmless ones...

Answered by Faiza Lambe | 2nd Oct, 2013, 06:50: PM

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