how the members of rajya sabha are elected ? explain                                    (5 marks)

Asked by 1008mukeshjain | 14th Dec, 2015, 02:40: PM

Expert Answer:

Rajya Sabha – the Upper House of the Parliament – is not subject to dissolution. But one-third of its members retire every two years.
Elections to this House are conducted every 2 years. The members are elected by the method of indirect election. The representative of each state is elected by the elected members of the Legislative Assembly of States and Union territories by means of Single transferable vote through Proportional representation.
The Rajya Sabha is to consist of not more than 250 members – 238 members that represent the States and Union Territories and 12 members who are nominated by the President of India, those who have earned distinction in the fields of literature, art, science and social service. The distribution is on the basis of population. Also, according to Schedule 4 of the Constitution, quota of members of each state is fixed.

Election Process:

Under this system, every elector is required to mark the candidates in order of preference. Using the formula, the minimum number of votes required to get elected are calculated.

[Total no. of votes polled / (Total no. of candidates to be elected +1)] +1

All the votes collected are then counted. When a candidate receives the minimum number of votes, he/she is declared elected. If all vacancies are not filled, the candidate with the least number of first preference votes is eliminated and the votes are transferred to the second preference candidate. This process is repeated until all seats are filled. 

Answered by Akanksha Kaul | 15th Dec, 2015, 01:18: PM

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