how the knowledge of pressure helps to understand the functioning of sports like skiing, karate, ice skating

Asked by chatterjeesarmistha2 | 31st May, 2020, 03:19: PM

Expert Answer:

Lets understand the role of pressure with the example of ice skating.  The theory states that the pressure from the skate lowers the melting temperature of the top layer of ice, causing the ice to melt. The blade then glides on the thin layer of water, which refreezes as soon as the blade passes. When skater wants to move forward or backward they digs their blade and pushes off from the surface, the friction between the blade and ice decreses because the ice is slippery and smooth.For decelerating or stopping skaters exerts more pressure on the ice while turning their blade inwards and outwards which increases the friction against the ice.Similarly in skiing a skier uses his knowledge of adjusting the pressure to ontrol the speed on turns.
In karate/martial arts, pressure points are areas of the body where people can apply pressure or strike in order to cause pain. They can be used to release an attacker’s grip on your arm.Thus having sound knowledge of pressure gives you advantage over your opponent.

Answered by Utkarsh Lokhande | 31st May, 2020, 04:57: PM