how silk is made

Asked by pranav.mishra | 8th Feb, 2022, 03:33: PM

Expert Answer:

The process of rearing of silkworms to produce silk is called sericulture.

Process of sericulture:

  • A female silkmoth lays hundreds of eggs at a time.
  • The eggs laid by the silkmoth are stored on cloth or paper and kept under hygienic and appropriate conditions.
  • The eggs are warmed to a suitable temperature for larvae to hatch from eggs.
  • The larvae feed on mulberry leaves kept in clean bamboo trays and increase enormously in size.
  • After 25-30 days, the caterpillars are moved to a tiny chamber of bamboo in the tray to spin cocoons.
  • The caterpillar or silkworm spins the cocoon inside which develops the silk moth.
  • The cocoons are kept under the sun or boiled or exposed to steam.
  • The silk fibres separate out from the cocoon using special machines. This process is called reeling the silk.
  • Silk fibres are then spun into silk threads, which are woven into silk cloth by weavers.

Answered by Shiwani Sawant | 8th Feb, 2022, 05:45: PM