how reducing the use of some resources will help in saving our environment?

Asked by hels145 | 20th Jul, 2008, 06:02: PM

Expert Answer:

Reducing the use of several natural resources will have long term benefits. Lets us consider a few examples.

Water is a basic necessity for all forms of life, especially the terrestrial forms. Using water judiciously is important so that the various plants and animals, including humans will have access to adequate water in future. Water shortages have resulted from huge agricultural demands, water pollution and loss of vegetation cover. Rain water harvesting and water shed management techniques can be employed in addition to preventing wastage of water to conserve water.

The increasing use of coal and petroleum to meet the ever rising energy needs has resulted in depletion of these resources.  In addition, they release large amounts of green house and poisonous gases into the atmosphere, thereby leading to global warming and health problems. We need to look at alternate sources of fuel, which are renewable and non-polluting.

Forests are important biodiversity hotspots. Loss of diversity leads to ecological imbalances. So industries should not consider the forest as merely a source of raw materials and destroy the unique and huge collection of plants and animals living there. The forest resources should be used in a sustainable manner to prevent biodiversity loss.

Similarly land and soil quality should also be maintained in a sustainable manner.

Such measures will help in ultimately saving our environment.

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