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CBSE Class 10 Answered

<div>How nuclear fission is different from nuclear fusion? State both advantages and disadvantages of nuclear fission and fusion? Which is better for the environment as well as profitable?&nbsp;</div>
Asked by pdcavita | 24 Nov, 2017, 08:48: AM
Expert Answer
1. Nuclear fission involves breaking of the heavy nucleus apart which results in lighter nuclei,
while nuclear fusion involves combing two or more lighter nuclei together to form a heavy nucleus
2. For Nuclear Fission
Nuclear fission generate less heat
Very large amount of energy can be generated with less fuel.
Nuclear fission produces less energy than Nuclear fusion
Not so clean form of energy waste generated need to be treated carefully
For Nuclear Fusion
Nuclear Fusion can produce extremely large amount of energy in comparison to fission
There is no greenhouse gas in the production of nuclear fusion.
Very high temperature and density are required to cause nuclear fusion. Conditions on the sun need to be imitated on earth.
This is an experimental technology and currently,
there is no known material that can handle the high temperature generated in the fusion reaction
3. Nuclear fission is already being used. Nuclear fusion is still in the experimetal stage.
so question about profitability is very uncertain
Nuclear fusion is expected to be better for the environment.
Answered by Gajendra | 24 Nov, 2017, 04:09: PM
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