how much work is required in turning an electric dipole of dipole moment P from its position of unstable equilibrium in a uniform electrostatic field E ?

Asked by Be sameera | 13th Apr, 2013, 05:22: PM

Expert Answer:

The condition of stable equilibrium is achieved when the direction of extrernal electric field is parallel to the direction of the dipole moment.

Hence, Potential Energy = -PEcos?

Since ?=0, cos ?=1

Thereferoe, potential energy=PE=maximum

In unstable equilibirum, the direction of the electric field is antiparallel to the direction of dipole moment.

therefore, ?=180 degrees. cos?= -1

hence, Potential enegy = -PE

Hence, total work done = Initial energy - final energy = PE - (-PE) = 2PE

Answered by  | 13th Apr, 2013, 05:42: PM

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