How much volume will be occupied by 2.008

Asked by Ujjwal Kumar | 5th Oct, 2010, 08:35: PM

Expert Answer:

We know that, 1 moles of H2O =6.02*1023 molecules of H2O..........(i)
'x' moles = 2.008*1023 molecules ...........(ii)
dividing eq.(ii) by eq.(i)
x/1=(2.008*1023)/(6.02*1023 )
x=.33 moles of H2
and hence weight of H2O is .33*18=5.94 g

and we know that, 1 L of H2O is 1kg
means 1000g =1L
Hence 5.94 g has 1*5.94/1000=.00594L of H2O

Answered by  | 6th Oct, 2010, 10:56: PM

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